Call for Condensed Papers (Deadline 24TH APRIL 2023)

The purpose of the Third Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture (3ACCA) is to facilitate the open sharing of diverse experiences and information on Conservation Agriculture (CA) and Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization (SAM), thereby fostering learning and widespread awareness and interest in their uptake and spread. This includes the roles of CA & SAM in: enhancing sustainable agricultural productivity and economic return, strengthening environmental and social resilience, and fostering efforts to provide for food and nutrition security as well as jobs and economic opportunities, especially for rural communities, including youth and women. The 3ACCA initiative provides a “neutral space” for networking, collaboration, capacity development and partnership to support the scaling-up of CA and SAM systems for building a resilient future in Africa. In this regard, the organizers of the event invites submission of condensed papers.


The theme of the congress is "Building a Resilient Future in Africa through Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Mechanization."
Sub-theme 1:
Promoting CA and SAM knowledge, research and innovation system management.
Sub-theme 2:
Strengthening effective pan-African national and regional networks, partnerships and cooperation mechanisms.
Sub-theme 3:
Mobilizing “green” developmental private sector investments for prioritised CA and SAM for women and youth.
Sub-theme 4:
Enhancing public and private sector investments and the creation of an enabling environment.

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