Visa Information

Moroccan legislation, relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco, provides that any foreigner wishing to visit Morocco must have a passport or any other valid document issued by the State of which he or she is a national, recognized by the Moroccan State as a travel document (Law No. 02-03 of November 11, 2003).

The visa is an authorization to enter and stay for a limited period on Moroccan territory issued by the competent Moroccan authority. It is materialized by the affixing of a specific and secure “visa” sticker. The visa indicates a period of validity, from one day to three months, or even one year in exceptional cases and, depending on the case, accompanied by one, two or multiple entries.

However, the fact of being in possession of a visa does not confer an irrevocable right of entry. The control carried out during the verification of a passport or travel document may also relate to the means of existence and the reasons for the person’s arrival in Morocco and the guarantees of his or her repatriation, in application of the law relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco. It is up to the competent authority issuing the visa to determine the length of stay and the period of validity of the visa according to the profile of the applicant, the type and category of visa requested and the number of entries.

Please carefully review the information below and begin the visa application process at least two months prior to your travel date:

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